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A webcomics podcast in which Greg Greenwell and Jon Levi discuss nothing at all, occasionally webcomics


March 25, 2018

15 - Fascistic Tendencies

In which Greg and Jon discuss such lighthearted themes as cultural appropriation, swear words, rich and poor people living together, jihad, and meme theft. Next episode will be a little more up-beat, we promise.




Filter of the Week: Crema

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In which Greg and Jon discuss hoverboards, chemical weapons, Deez Nuts, distraction machines, and we do a pre-emptive postmortem of 2016. 

{ Recorded on November 7th, 2016; last episode from before the election }



The Adam Curtis documentary, Hpernormalisation (The section about the Michael Bay movie is at 1:40)

In case you haven't heard, Vine is shutting down

The commericalist dystopian button that Amazon created

The AMT episode where they talked about it (I think)


Filter of the Week: Walden

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In which Greg and John discuss footballs, Christingles, idiots, the true purpose of news, and the true meaning of Christmas.
{ Recorded 28th December 2016 }
Christingle (yes that is a thing)
Semi-recent listicle about ableist language (I don't necessarily take it point for point, but 2 and 10 have some relevance here.)
Timebound (The Chronos Files, #1) on Audible (not a sponsor, I just like the book)
Madeline McCann - "the most heavily reported missing-person case in modern history"
Filter of the Week: Christmas Bliss Frame
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In which Greg and Jon rant about FREE download managers, new telephones, old telegraphs, hyphens, the hell we inhabit as podcasters, and mediated realities. And if Greg's Radiotopia rant wasn't enough for you, we slag off some other podcasters while we're at it.
{ Recorded May 8th 2016 }
Episodes of The Heart that we mentioned: Pls Pee on Me and The Shit (NSFW, especially the second one)
Filter of the Week: Toaster
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September 28, 2016

8 - The Box Box

In which Greg and Jon discuss the Pun Police, non-binary genders, Greg's multiple personalities, and vinegar on chips. Also we briefly turn into a South Park episode. And a dropped call makes it into the final cut. Because we. are. professionals.


{ Recorded 8th May 2016 }






XKCD on Guitar Hero (actually Rock Band)


The sad music is 'Relent' by Kevin MacLeod







Filter of the Week: Slumber
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In which Greg and Jon discuss Apple products, digital crowd control, the Panama Papers, computers stealing our jobs, and the many, many ways a dystopia could happen.
{ Recorded 10th April 2016 }
The 'What Shall We Do Now?' scene from Pink Floyd The Wall (NSFW and trigger warning for basically all the triggers)

XKCD on Free Speech - the one that we hate so much, we're linking to it twice

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July 3, 2016

5 - Racism Rainbow

In which Greg and Jon discuss, uniforms, the Netfix VPN blockade, the greatest democracy on the planet, the worst prank call, and the term 'wisdomist' is coined.
{ Recorded April 3rd 2016 }
Send your flag submissions to jondotlevi at gmail dot com. I'm serious. (The second dot is an actual dot.)
The Classroom, on Addicting Games - that one where you have to slack off in class
Greg reciting Julius Caesar in glorious vertical video (Do not watch if you don't want to see Greg's face)
Sounds of South American Frogs (educational version)
NETFLIX ANNOUNCES CRACKDOWN ON VPN AND PROXY PIRATES, on Torrentfreak, a site that likes to write headlines in all-caps
Filter of the week: X-Pro II
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